Friday, March 21, 2008

True colours shown

Haiz.. finally he speaks. Actuallly there is a class gathering tomorrow. I don't feel like going. He always adopts the "You go then I go" policy. He even encourage me to go since many are going and we haven't seen them for years. When I told him I am not going, he insisted not to go because I didn't but he sounded like he wanted to go. So I encouraged him to go lo and keep me updated what is happening in their life. He told me these and I never expect these from him:

"why shd i? unless u pay me for doing so....nothing is free in this world"

"u want (me) to go and collect info for you way man!"

I'm quite disappointed with what he told me. I have got nothing to gain knowing how is everybody doing right now. It is good to be aware how my classmates are doing right now. Also, it does not tally with what he said "It is good that we go since we haven't seen them for years."

It seems to be a follow up of my previous post. Finally I wake up from my long sleep . . . trying hard to tell myself that this is not how the society works . . .

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