Sunday, October 27, 2013

Confused about what is your First Name, Last Name and Middle Name? Here's some help.

I often get confused which part of my name is first, last and middle. Thus, I decided to blog a short post on this.

First name: aka given name. It is how they address you. Those with English name, that would be your first name.
Last name: Family name / Surname
Middle name: the middle of your name if you have English name. Otherwise, for Chinese people it does not exist.

With English name
E.g Tan Kuai Lan, John

First name: John
Last name: Tan
Middle name: Kuai Lan

With no English name
E.g Tan Kuai Lan

First name: Kuai Lan
Last name: Tan

If you get confused, you can refer to the above for help.

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