Monday, February 29, 2016

How long can passive income last? Are they truly passive?

Passive income has become the catch phrase to gain financial freedom. Can passive income last you a life time? Are they truly passive?

In my opinion, passive income cannot last forever. For example, a company can close down and gone your cash cow. A MLM company can close down due to recession/depression. A youtube video or blog can run out of consistent clicks to generate "click" revenues. Renting a room is subjected to supply and demand, and changes to government policy. A book royalty you get from every book being purchased depends on how long the popularity of the book will be. And ETC.

In conclusion, you have a work hard to achieve a certain period of passive income and continuously look out for opportunities to create them. The multiple stream of income does not mean it will be forever in-flowing to your bank account! LOL Sustaining the passive income is the hardest. Arm yourself with skill that create wealth is the most important.

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