Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ORD lor!!

1 week after my ORD, I blog about it. haha.. (One thing sian is that during the period I was clearing leave, I became down with fever.)

I never expect my remaining NS liability was that enjoyable. Compare it with my previous unit, it was like heaven and hell!! The army really changed a lot. Besides NSFs being treated more human, the area cleaning part like no need to do so much le. Actually I don't know, because I am comparing what I saw in my new camp with my previous camp.

Life was good. Going back after graduation really makes a lot of different. I were being treated differently. haha.. actually this is not accurate ... it depends on which unit you are in and who is your boss!!

Now I have my IPPT to worry... working le where got time and mood to train up. :S

Anyway, ORD lor. :D

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