Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I was super sick

I was super sick for nearly a month man. I think it is my first time bah. 1 week fever + cough + sore throat (first time combo sickness no block nose leh) followed by itchy throat + cough. The last doctor I visited diagnosed that I had lung infection as she said my left lung a bit noisy. She gave me a super big antibiotics to take and it is the first time I take such a big medicine. :S Below is the image of the super big medicine. Think the actual looks bigger than this.

Thinking back .... that 1 week fever, my whole body ache, my leg joint pain. My spine muscle ache, most probably due to sleep too much on bed. I thought I got dengue.. haha.. lucky not dengue.

The second doctor I saw.. really not professional. He forgotten to tick the type of blood test I needed to take, and he did not use touch light to see my throat nor did he listen to my breathing. He had a sleepy look and he looked like he was very sian. Wah.. first time I met such a doctor. Maybe female doctors are more patient bah.. lol.. because the other doctors I saw were female and I had got no problems with them. :D

Heng, now I'm okay liao. :D It is important to take care of one's health wor.

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