Friday, October 19, 2007

Perverse lifestyles: unnatural law

In the past, people used to think homosexual - woman on woman, man on man, as a mental disorder and these people are deemed as abnormal. However, recently, experts and scientists are telling people that homosexual are no longer a mental disorder but are due to genetic disorder and these people are born this way. To a large extent, I do not agree with the recent explanation. Don't ask me to a small extent what I believe then and don't ask me to explain my stand. I am aware of such debates and only Someone who has the ultimate authority over all of the inhabitants will know the answer and has the ability to stop all these debates once and for all. (Oh, may that day come quickly.)

Let us not talk about homosexual. What about human on animal? (I do not know what the correct word to refer to this act) Do we still see them as being born with that preference? If homosexual can be viewed as normal after many years of arguments, "proving" and "deproving", what can we think of those people who are doing on animals? Should we see them as normal also?

Considering the theory of evolution, humans are evolved from apes. Thus humans were once animals, like those cow, horse and etc. This means human should be given the freedom to mate with animals who evolved much slower than us? Oh man, how flaw is the theory of evolution. Yes human do evolve overtime, but this is micro-evolving and not macro-evolving. How about the spiritual interpretation of life? Since in the past, all human were apes, then that means in the beginning (ops, there is no beginning for some religious group), all have bad karma?? Using the theory of evolution, we are only trying to interpret life physically without considering about the spiritual part. Anyway, we can't prove the theory of evolution - ask an expert or scientist if you don't believe. My advice is: Ask a neutral and knowledgeable one.

All right , back to the questions on the second paragraph. Perhaps yes, as the time goes by and as morality continue to degrade further - people will be free to do whatever they like and there will be no "right and wrong" (by this, I am talking about God's natural laws). By then, the bible (ok, I know there are other religion views also. I will not include this here as it will make the biblical views on these perverse lifestyles more complicated) would definitely be the number one enemy and people who are advocating the biblical point would be deemed as outcast. (This day would come eventually - believe me. The question is when.)

[Take a look at this recent news on homosexuality in California. Shockingly surprised. I was taken aback when I read it. What in the world is going on man?! *Shake Head* A follow-up of this recent news: Click here]

Maybe we are gradually entering into the "Noah" age again. And how long would God tolerate and finally intervene into human history (for the 3rd time and the last time, according to my own understanding) again?

God knows. We were given this warning "Watch!".

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