Monday, April 09, 2007

Serendipitous or designed (Testimony)

I would like to share with you a testimony that has both touched me and given me insight into how God works. I understand that each faith has its own testimony that convince people to follow a particular belief. Free thinkers and new agers have their own set of testimony that pull people into their own "organized group". Commercial companies have gathered testimonies to convince people of the effectiveness of their products.

Testimony may not always be useful in getting people to believe in God. Some may brush it away as a fanciful tales. Some may think the witnesses are exaggerating and so on...

In Christianity, some people are convinced by testimony. Some people want to see miracles. Some people are convinced by pure reasonings. Some people are because of certains event in their life that caused them to believe. There are many ways in how the Holy Spirit touches the life of individual fellowers and call upon them to believe. The very same ways are also use by the prince of this world to deceive people to stay away from God and His messages to us.

Thus, I believe going by reasonings are the safest. "Let us reason...say the Lord"

Anyway, it is 2 42a.m now. I have no idea in which direction I should write. Anyway, to all truth finders, may you find the right path!! Only God knows before hand who will eventually be saved.

Below are the testimony. It seems that many things are design by God - God plans it. We the observers may see it another way on earth. Well, He is the Author.. Wondering how He is writing mine life story ....

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