Sunday, October 22, 2006

The word "God"

I have been thinking why whenever the word "God" is mentioned, non-believer would usually feel annoyed or irritated by it. I have come to believe that this is because they believe that if God exists, He will help to solve all the problems and messes in this world, and their own problems. If God exists, they would see the glory of God with their own eyes. But, to them, none happens and so to them either God is dead or God is a man-made notion to explain the purpose of everything. This is similar to the story of the boy "crying wolf is coming" three times.

However, the bible gives us the assurance that suffering is inevitable in this present world, not until the old rule of system will give way to the new rule of system in future. There is something which I still have not understood: that is God's overall plan - why does He allows suffering to happen and why does He wants to use suffering to build us up for the better. Is there really no other way?

The bible also tells us that we will not see God until we breath our last and definitely in the eternal future. A parable tells us that the Master was away for a long journey, leaving his servants at his house. The Master will return unexpectedly, punishing the servants who are "fooling around" and rewarding servants who are obedience.

There are greater reason to believe in God and His plan. Yes, His plan is in progress and we can be impatient at times. Around 2000 years have passed since the "last hour" kicks in.

I can understand why non-believers find it hard to believe in a Creator but His word left in the bible gives us the confidence that there is a God. I really hope they would spend some time to study the bible. The bible, on the whole, is difficult to refute, otherwise the faith will not withstand for so long. So our enemies wanted to deceive the world that the bible is corrupted and not worth believing and so on. Well, if one care to put in effort to study and understand the whole picture, one would find it hard to deny the word in the bible. The choice is yours.

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