Saturday, October 07, 2006


I am born with a pentium II processor and a ram of 256MB. The society wants me to overclock to fit into their demands. I overclock and seems to become a pentium 4 processor but the ram remains. Now the society requires us to become pentium 6 whereby the maximum I can overclock is pentium 4. My CPU is burning hot. Good for those who managed to overclock to pentium 6.

Perhaps I could comfort myself with a church song. The title I forget but there is a line but never forget: 。。。。。 感谢上帝玫瑰有刺 。。。。。 Maybe that is why God makes me so imperfect. (Those who don't understand can try approaching me.)

Haiz... the higher I go up, the thinner the air is. How far up do we need to go before we can't even grasp for air?

I am tired of this society and the world. I am sick of their ever-changing policy; errors and mistakes made because of the sinful nature - especially pride.

I am so sick sometimes I feel that to be non-existent is better than struggling in this world. But on second thoughts, I have not found the rib that God took it from me. Perhaps God really did not take it?

Sometimes I feel frustrated at waiting for Him to come back and restore everything. I know I have no choice because it is God's will. I know He will come back but the waiting part is really not easy to endure. Sometimes the devil would tempt me with the fruit and I give in. Sometimes I shout to the devil "GET LOST!". The struggle for following the Truth really has a price to pay. I could rather join the world and lost myself in this fallen world - if only God is dead. I believe otherwise.

The world is indeed degenerating. I believe everybody who still desire to do good and response to their conscience would feel it. How long and far can God tolerate the world? I don't know. The bible tells us that this generation will become like the days of Noah. How corrupted were the days of Noah I don't know. One thing I know is that we are slowly if not accelerating towards this state.

I can't understand God's way of doing things. Some says He is dead. However, there are stronger reasons to believe otherwise.

To all who still want to listen: Grasp to the faith and the truth when the wave of evil is marching in.

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