Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Little conflict

As I grow older(am I really that old now!!??), I realise that sleeping has become a "luxury" in my free time. Maybe I am becoming more lazy and slack than I am in the past before NS. But I refuse to accept this excuse totally. Maybe it is the attitude in me that has not changed much as I grow older. Or maybe I have "inherited" the bad attitude during my army's day!? Whatever it is, I think that all these are excuses so that I can feel better inside. Perhaps I should ask myself if I have really changed from the inside out after truely experienced His greatness.
"It all takes time, you see!" my inner self screams.
"How long do you really need to conform to the likeness of Christ? Unless you step out and serve, you will never learn! Stop hiding! How long do you have to learn to serve just like how Christ had come to serve?!" my conscience rebuked.
"Argg... Stop that! Quieten down please! Let me have control over myself and decide!" my mind retorted.
"It is not the knowledge of God that will make you grow but be doer of the Word that will let you bear good fruits! Don't merely listen to the Word; you are deceiving yourself!" my conscience explained.
"All right, all right. Let me take thing one at a time. Is that all right? If someone of great patience could guide me out, it would be of great help to me. Wouldn't that be nice?" my mind voice out.
Suddeny there is oppresive silence. No one speak. The conflict disappear. But I have not had my answer yet. Why don't they tell me? Is there anything wrong?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy,
boonhai here! haha, that's an interesting post, a conversatn between ur 'conscience'and your mind...
1 way of causing yourself to grow is to mix with people who will cause u to grow, so choose friends in your church who will help u to keep on ur toes...=]
Take care and God bless!

jnwk said...

Hi Boon Hai,

I was surprise to see you here. Thanks for advice. God seems to be putting me with friends whom are pre-believers. Or maybe rather it is me in the first place to choose it that way? Anyway, I get what you mean. Hope to see more changes in my relationship with my church friends.

Take care Boon Hai.

God bless.