Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lead me Lord; guide me Lord, in my life's journey

Dear friends and visitors,

Please pray for Jeremy that God would plant signboards along his life's journey on various matters and Jeremy is attentive to it and heed His Way which is always the best outcome. The various matters are:

1) Career path. Jeremy is in the midst of changing career and may God give a clear sign to Jeremy what is best for him according to his strength and weakness and personality. May God give Jeremy the wisdom to select the right path.

2) Job opportunity. As the economy recovery is still not clear yet, may God lead Jeremy to the right job available in the job market.

3) Right life partner. May God create opportunity for Jeremy to meet his future partner and may God help Jeremy overcome the obstacles that he may be facing. Shyness? Not articulate in expression? Not boring? Humorous? Boldness? Financial ability? etc ... which God so knows very well... Jeremy knows very well that there won't be any marriage in the next world / after life and he wishes to be committed in a marriage, which God has arranged for human from the beginning, during his lifetime.

4) To be more active in God's work. May God help Jeremy to leave his comfort zone and come out and serve Him.

5) To find more time to study God's word so that Jeremy can be rooted in His word and his faith will not shatter as we are fast (probably) approaching to a time when the devil will seem to triumph and Christianity further weaken in strength, power and influence globally, leading to the final removal of the Holy Spirit to restrain any evil scheme in the world during the final stages of the end times.

~ "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." ~

In Jesus' name

(After typing the prayer list out, Jeremy found out that he had put God's stuff at the last few point and his stuffs at the top. Jeremy remembered that we must first seek His kingdom and all others will be given to us. May God forgive Jeremy.)

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