Sunday, September 12, 2010

Surviving as an introvert in an extrovert's world

To some extent we are all a little bit of an extrovert and a whole lot of an introvert, if we are labeled as introverted. Turn that around and we extroverts have some small portion of the introvert in us, else why would we so admire the quiet bookish ones among us.

The terms are old hat, however. Psychologists have now come up with various labels that describe behavior that labels the outward bound as extroverts and the inward looking as introverts. What they are subject to change as new studies and new information is made known. It really doesn't matter, however, most people are programmed from birth to lean toward one or the other. Environmental influences may tilt the scale slightly toward one or the other, but these are minimal.

Yet, the question is how do the two groups live together harmoniously; or words to that effect. It is asked from the standpoint of the introverts, those preferring to lead a quiet low key life as opposed to their loud mouth sisters

The introvert must decide how much show and tell she can take and when she's had enough of the outside world, it is her choice to out and sit alone at home while the parade of hoopla passes her by. If she is content doing that, who can argue? Only she can answer that for herself and it may be a startling discover to the world that inside most the introverts there are extrovert cravings.

Sitting at home and moping and refusing to get involved may not be what it is cooked up to be. Being quiet and reflective by nature is one thing, but sitting home alone out of shyness or an inborn fear of the crowds is another. It would be healthier to enjoy the best of both worlds and not allow it to become stressful, but that seldom is the way personalities work. If it were not so, then there would be no need for psychologist to help them figure out the best way to go.

Introverts sometimes are too near perfect, or wish to be. If they cannot write the best poem that is flawless they will not write one at all. Extraverts simply go ahead an write what first comes into their minds and that's that. Their perfectionist tendencies manifest themselves in being the better presenters. How their actions appear to others, as opposed to what others will know of their thoughts. Neither should fret, however, but be the best they can be, and no worry or fret over psychological labeling.

Fear, in both cause problems when it enters into their personality trait of being outgoing or inward looking. One is afraid others will find out about their boisterous nature and they won't open the door to their inner creativity; the other has opened that door and fear what they learn.

How then does an introvert live in an extrovert's world. You pay them rent. You work for them and earn the good salaries they can afford and you fill in for them in the area that is just beyond their capacities. The two of you were meant to be together. Your loud and boisterous sister or brother or husband fill a need you have. With association a little of them rub off on you, and because of your insistence on time out and quiet time, you subdue them.

Just think how boring life would be without the other. It is unthinkable. The two ideally make good companions, they fill in the vacancies of the other. Therefore fret not, introverts, you are the listeners the world needs.

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