Tuesday, February 16, 2010

赌鬼变天使 - 林万兴弟兄

Singapore will soon be transformed into an entertainment hub with the opening of Resorts World Sentosa and later LVS Marina Bay Sands. One of the main highlights are the casino. Since we all know what are the problems going to haunt Singapore after allowing casino to open, our leaders still decided to give the green light for this enormous project so for the sake of Singapore "future". It is like injecting poison (I did not mean 以毒攻毒) into your body and then looking for medicine to cure/minimize the side effects. Here's a timely semon by 林万兴 who was once a “赌王”:

从偏门到社工 (华)

Hope this will help people who are addicted to gambling.

*Quite tired. Will try to edit my sentences and add my content if I'm free....

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