Friday, April 10, 2009

how many legs are there??

Ok, I work out the answer to Eunice's quiz.

there are seven girls on a bus..
each girl carries seven bags...
each bag has seven big cats..
and each big cat has seven little cats..
(assuming each cat has 4 legs..)

1. Calculate the total number of cats in each bag.

Small cats=7x7=49
Big cats = 7
So the total number of cats in each is 49 + 7 = 56

2. Calculate the total number of cats each girl is carrying.

Since 7 bags, so each girl carrys
56x7 = 392 cats

3. Calculate the total number of cats in the bus.

Since 7 girls, so there are
392x7 = 2744 cats in the bus

4. Calculate the total number of legs

Cats' legs: 2744 x 4 = 10976
Girls' legs: 7x2=14
Therefore, total number of legs = 10976+14 = 10990


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Eunice said...

wow...i din noe u posted the workings to that quiz here..haha...i worked it out differently though..hehe..anyway, congrats again... =) sorry no prize...haha

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