Thursday, July 05, 2007

Jokes and Humour Forum

Jokes and Humour Forum is a forum I set up 1 - 2 years ago. Originally, the name of the forum is just jokes forum but later I changed it to the current name to make it sound nice and attractive to people. In the beginning, I received a poor response from readers (or rather forumers) as I was seen as fighting for readership in the jokes threads in other forums. Nevertheless, I put in effort to try to make people feel that this is a worthy forum. It did not really get recognized until quite recently, about a few months ago, when people started to post a lot of jokes (sometimes dirty jokes :S) and comment on each jokes. This month, the ranking of my forum is in the top 20 - number 17th! Wow, that is a long way, and its ranking kept climbing slowly and slowly in the past. I am happy with the response. Nowadays, I don't have much time to read all the jokes and monitor the threads and I leave it to the other moderators and forumers to decide for themselves the type of jokes they want. I do monitor the forum but not as frequently as in the past after I graduated.

The "success" (can I say that? :p) of my forum takes 1 - 2 years for people to finally recognize my intention but how much harder and longer will it takes for people to finally recognize the Truth? God has given us a life time but that does not mean we can take it for granted for He has set aside our life expectancy - we never know when we will "expire".

Although I am not a very holy believer of God, I do hope that people would believe what I say about God and His plan - and stop putting on their blue lens to view me as a holy people for I am human like you and prone to submit to worldly stuffs. That is, being a Christian is really a struggle as in we have to wage a spiritual war everyday.

Faith and relationship in God (rather than what the world would categorize as religion) is not a joke. It is a serious matter and it would affect your eternal destiny like what you decide for your education affect your future career(s). It is worth the time to put on your thinking cap and think about it. Either conform to the world - currently run by the ancient serpent - now and pay the consequence later or conform to the One who is the ultimate truth to life now. I would rather choose the latter and the road is not always straight. "There's always a choice."

The time will come when the mystery of God will be finished. And it is not that far from now, I believe.

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