Sunday, June 03, 2007

Intelligent Design Conference (Singapore 21st - 25th May 2007)

On 22 May 2007, I went school to collect my hard bound report and submited whatever things I need to to my professors. There was this NTU e-mail that invited us to a talk on whether if there are any E-T in the universe. I found this topic interesting and so I decided to go and listen to the talk in LT2A at 7.30pm. The speaker was an ang mo and he spoke in such a way that made me didn't understand what he was talking most of the time. Furthermore, I expected some discoveries about traces of E-T but the speaker lectured a lot about theories of the requirements for a habitable planet. I almost Zzzz .... At the end of the lecture, I became aware that the talk was part of the ID conference. So I went home and checked the website given. There were another 2 more talks. I only went to the 24th May as it was a panel discussion, I expected some debates between the audiences and the panels. The venue was in St Andrew Cathedral and this was the first time I went to this cathedral - the underground worship hall - to listen to talks. :D

Not to my suprise, there were indeed some challenging questions from skeptics. As usual, such kind of debates are never ending so it is all up to individual to decide. Overall, the talks by the four experts were interesting and I did gain some knowledge and new thoughts and insights.

There is this powerpoint from the website that can be downloaded. I find it interesting and would like to share with you all. I put it in online storage site in case that website is removed. So here it is:

Is Science compatible with Christianity?

I hope you will learn something that may change your thinking which is mostly taught (or "brainwash") by the world.

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