Sunday, October 30, 2005

Examinations coming!

Exam next week le... I would like to say this prayer for my exam . . .

A Prayer For Examination

Lord, grant me the right attitude towards my examination,
That even when I study, I want to glorify your name.

Give me the strength that I may press on,
Perseverance that I may endure,
Good health that I may study effectively.
Help me to be single minded when I study,
Remove all other thoughts, distractions and anxieties.
Give me the power to concentrate,
the ability to understand and to remember.
Show me the way to study intelligently,
To know what is important and what is not.
Provide me Lord with quality time in my studies,
Remove all tension and fears within me.
Fill me with Thy confidence,
teach me to draw strength from you each day.
Let me learn to trust You in such times.

In the examination hall, be with me Lord.
Grant me the clarity and sharpness of thoughts
Let me not get distracted by things around me.
Give me concentration and calmness Lord.
Help me to gather the thoughts of what I've learnt.
Grant me discipline to space out time equally for all questions.
Most of all, help me to complete the question on time.

Despite examination Lord, continue to grant me quality time with You,
Let me not neglect You
Give me a balance diet between my studies and my services to You
I just want to commit the whole examination into Your hands,
Knowing that you are a God who cares and answers prayers.
Thank You
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and Saviour

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